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The UN Verdict on the Northeast - A turning point was perhaps reached two days ago in the international focus on the humanitarian crisis rocking the northeast of Nigeria. The United Nations Security Council declared the war-ravaged region “the largest humanitarian crisis” ever in the world. The outlook was made grimmer when the organisation also described the crisis as largely “forgotten and neglected.” By the estimates of the UN, the crisis has affected 14 million people with 8.5 million of them in urgent need of humanitarian attention. These were the observations of the officials who visited the region, which has been the theatre of Boko Haram war in eight years. The officials reportedly spoke with victims in the various camps. The soul-depressing verdict would surely bear some resonance on the Nigeria’s efforts to tackle the crisis as well as the urgent external help this nation needs in the process. The significance of the visit is of immense proportions to the victims of the crisis and the government of Nigeria, which has primary responsibility to restore normalcy in the region.