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Amaechi’s God Complex - I have said it repeatedly that Nigeria will NOT make progress as long as we continue to elevate unscrupulous people, viz. plunderers, profiteers, marauders, gangsters with their manifest tendencies into positions of authority and leadership. Unfortunately, we idolise these good-for-nothing leaders as gods; people who are totally bereft of progressive ideas and lack the wherewithal to lift society up the scale of human progress and whose only claim to power is their manifest lack of qualification for public office. They ordinarily should be on the fringes of society but who through a combination of regression of social values, sheer indiscipline, corruption of the sacred calling of leadership, godfatherism and the amount of violence they could boast of, have seized the mantle of leadership and then proceed to do incalculable damage to not just the psyche of the people, but demonstrably, the physical progress of their states and country. They fritter huge resources at their disposal away on mundane projects, and in pursuit of their personal ambition. Nigeria has become a thriving paradise for gangsters – a lawless jungle of corrupt profiteers and political godfathers who have held the people hostage, or perhaps whom the people have allowed to hold them hostage.