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OF SECESSION, QUIT NOTICE AND LEADERSHIP FAILURE - A lot has been written and said about the agitation of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) for self-determination. Their preferred route is through a referendum. Not long ago, a group that called itself, Arewa Youths Coalition, even if there was no youth amongst them, issued a quit notice asking Igbos in the North to relocate before October 1, 2017. This was obviously greeted by wide criticisms except a few people that supported them. Besides IPOB, there have also been several other agitations from the Niger Delta, Middle Belt and Oduduwa people. The intention of this intervention is not to overstretch the already saturated arguments as to the appropriateness of the agitations or whether the northern “youths” could ask any citizen to relocate from any part of the country or not.